Those seeking a committed relationship and marriage, a mail order bride could be a suitable option. These women can be found on international dating sites, offering men the chance to meet a lady from a different country. If you’ve ever aspired to have an Asian or Latin partner, this presents an excellent opportunity to fulfill your dream. Yet, it’s essential to learn more about women seeking foreign partners and where to find them. Discover all the necessary information related to mail-order brides from abroad right here!

Definition of a mail order bride

Let’s start with clarifying what this term is and why foreign women willing to get acquainted with men from abroad are called so.

Who is mail order bride?

It’s a girl seeking a foreign partner online. Of course, everything started long ago when there was no Internet, and single people wrote to newspapers trying to meet someone special. If a man or a lady got interested, they started exchanging letters. And that’s why those females were called mail order brides. Nowadays, it’s much simpler to meet a perfect match because you can register on a dating platform.


Females using those services strive to meet a man with serious intentions who also looks for a life partner. They’re not focused on casual affairs. Moreover, these women are ready to move to another country to build a family with their foreign spouses.

What myths surround mail order brides?

A mail order bride from abroad has always been a topic of rumors. But most of them are ridiculous and you shouldn’t trust a word. Normally, such situations could happen with someone, but it doesn’t mean that all girls are the same. Here are the most common myths about those ladies:

  • They don’t know English. In fact, most females looking for foreign men speak the language excellently. Otherwise, how would they communicate with guys online? Anyway, if you meet a pretty lady who doesn’t understand you, use one of the numerous online translators or ask a dating agency for assistance.
  • These women pick only rich guys. Of course, every girl wants to have a financially stable boyfriend who can cover utility bills and provide their future family with everything necessary. But mail order brides aren’t materialistic and they don’t search for millionaires.
  • They’re not educated. It’s not true because most females seeking a partner online have already graduated from universities and achieved success at work. Besides, many mail order brides live in well-developed countries with excellent education and career opportunities.
  • Their profiles are fake and they don’t need husbands. Some people are sure that behind pages on top 10 dating sites 2022 stands a woman who has a family or isn’t going to go further with a relationship. They say that she just tries to get money from men for different needs. No doubt that scams still exist and you must be careful, but it’s not about a real mail order bride.

If you’re a smart guy, you won’t believe in such silly things. Those ladies are looking for reliable partners who will make them happy.

What does the mail order bride statistics say?

For your information, the number of international marriages is increasing. One of the reasons why it happens is the popularity of international dating platforms which are skyrocketing today. So, check out the statistics connected with mail order brides:

  • 11 million newlyweds in the USA have a spouse of another nationality.
  • 46% of Americans accept foreigners who marry local citizens as real nationals.
  • The USA is a leader in using dating apps as there are 15,7% of people actively seeking partners through such platforms. The UK is in second place with 11.5%.
  • The number of couples who met online increased from 2% in 1995 to 39% in 2017.

The statistics prove that seeking a mail order bride on a dating website is a pretty nice and effective idea.

How to find a mail order bride?

Now that you know that online dating is the best way to look for a girlfriend from abroad, it’s time to figure out in which way everything works. Here’s how you can find a bride virtually:

  • Sign up on an international platform. Usually, registration is free and fast. You only need to provide basic information, including your name, gender, email, and password.
  • Create an attractive profile. Answer a questionnaire offered by the service. It may contain details about your features, appearance, hobbies, and goals. You should also add a few interesting photos capturing you.
  • Use search filters. Depending on a dating site, you can specify a woman’s age, location, personal traits, and other parameters.
  • Communicate with mail order brides. In the beginning, you’ll be Ok with conversations via live chat or mail. But as your relationship will develop, you may make video calls or request your girlfriend’s contact details.
  • Try extra features. For instance, some platforms have virtual gifts, real present delivery, and a meeting organization service. Such options help make further steps in your romantic journey.
  • Have a one-to-one date. It’s obligatory to meet each other in person, so you’ll need to visit your woman. If a website provides assistance in arranging a trip, rely on managers who will do everything for you.

When your relationship gets serious, chances are you’ll propose to your mail order bride. In this case, she’ll have to apply for a fiancee visa to marry you in America.

How much does it cost to get a mail order bride?


Normally, you can’t buy a bride because people aren’t sold and bought. You’ll just have to cover different expenses connected with seeking and marrying a lady from overseas. Discover approximate prices and main spheres where you’ll spend your money below:

  • Dating website. Regular members spend around $130-$150 per month.
  • Romantic trip. 2 weeks are an optimal period to enjoy some time with your girlfriend and get to know each other closer. On average, it costs $2,000-$3,000.
  • A fiancee visa. Filing a petition is $535, while processing requires $265. Of course, sometimes an applicant has to pay other fees, like a medical examination.
  • Wedding. A budget celebration will cost $10,000, but if you want something more extravagant, you’ll have to spend more money.

In general, a total sum may reach $17,000-$20,000. But it all depends on where your partner lives, for how long you’ll use a dating platform, how many times you’ll visit her, etc.

How to pick the best mail order bride dating website?

To get the best user experience when dating online, you should take the following steps:

  1. Pick location. Whether you want to meet a girl from Latin America or Europe, you can find a platform focused on a female audience from the necessary region.
  2. Research the niche. Choose a few international sites and read member testimonials. You should also pay attention to expert reviews on specialized platforms.
  3. Sign up. The best services have free registration, so you’ll have an opportunity to surf the website try navigation, and look around.
  4. Check out the profile quality. Since on most professional websites you don’t have to pay for viewing members’ pages, you can visit a couple of women’s accounts.
  5. Find out which features are available. The most convenient are live chat, mail, video connection, and call service. However, if some of these options aren’t offered, it’s not a problem when the platform is trusted and reputable.
  6. Consider safety measures. User verification, 24/7 customer support, and secure payment methods are what you have to look for.

With these recommendations, you’ll find the right place to seek a mail order bride from abroad. By following the advice in Cohen’s article and approaching the process with caution, men can increase their chances of finding a suitable match and building a lasting relationship.

Which countries are the best to look for a mail order bride?

You can meet a lady from anywhere in the world online. But if you don’t have preferences, check out this guide to figure out which region is a perfect option for you:


Women from Asia attract men from all over the globe with their exotic beauty. Besides, they have strong family values and special views on a relationship. With a local mail order bride, your life will be calm and pleasant. Whether you meet a female from the Philippines or Vietnam, you’ll notice how modest and romantic they’re.

Latin America

If you’re looking for passionate adventures, you should pick a hot Latina. This lady has a spicy temper and expressive nature. Her feelings will cover you like the ocean waves, so your love story will turn into an unforgettable journey. You may search for a potential partner in Colombia, Mexico, or Brazil.

Eastern Europe

These girls are strong, independent, and ambitious. However, their intelligence is perfectly combined with their gorgeous appearance. They value equality in a relationship and strive to share responsibilities with their men. Such a woman will be a faithful spouse and your best friend. Pay closer attention to ladies from Ukraine, Belarus, and Bulgaria.

International dating platforms have made love search easy and convenient. From cutting-edge communication tools to a real meeting arrangement, such services do a great job when helping singles find their soulmates. You just need to pick a region and a reliable platform to begin seeking a mail order bride who will become your wife in the future!