Family portraits in the winter – Butterfly Pavilion

January 2nd, 2013

Happy New Year to all!! We’re really excited for the upcoming year. We already have several weddings booked all over the U.S. and are adding more. To kick off 2013 I thought I’d share the last session of 2012.

Several weeks ago we had a contest on our Facebook page for a free family photo session and print package. Andrea Hughes was our winner and we were going to do photos of her three children outside someplace shortly after the contest. Well, the weather decided not to fully cooperate and then a couple of the kids were sick other times. We had to get creative on where we could make some photos in the middle of a cold snap. Andrea really just wanted to get some photos of the kids interacting and being themselves more than completely posing for photos. Because their family lives on the north side of the Metro area I offered up the idea of going to the Butterfly Pavilion. It’s an indoor interactive playground for kids to learn about insects and other invertebrates and had an opening time that worked well for everyone.

The kids all had a blast roaming around the exhibits and even getting a bit wet and dirty. You’ll notice the littlest one was trying to clean up the floors in the butterfly tropics with his socks and pants. The trees and plants get a good dousing in the mornings so there is water pretty much on everything. Luckily mom and dad didn’t mind a soggy little one either. The kids get to have fun and we still capture fun photos. Win, win. It’s honestly easier for us as photographers to capture these natural moments in an environment the children can be themselves in. Plus as nobody gets frustrated with sitting and posing when they would rather be doing anything else anyways! The kids were worn out after a while and the parents are super happy with the results. Mission accomplished in the midst of single digit temps!

A big thank you goes out to all those that played in our contest. We’ll be doing something similar in a few weeks, so be on the lookout. Our clients are our best avenue to being successful, so please refer a friend. You will be rewarded. ‘Til next time…have a great start to the new year.