We’re the Joshes

We have the same name, so you only have to remember one name to call out when you need something visually recorded. On your wedding day stress is the last thing you need. We’re not pushy and will help guide you through the process of becoming comfortable in front of our cameras or even the big group of family and friends gathered at the venue. We avoid determining the order of events throughout your day. Rather, we are prepared to document those moments as they unfold, naturally. We’re big on preparation and will work closely with you and your planner so we have an idea of where to be and when throughout the day. The beauty with us both having journalism backgrounds is we’re very used to walking into the unknown, adjusting on the fly, and letting our creativity flow.

Let’s talk about the cost, because everyone knows that’s a significant factor in your wedding planning. Please don’t look at it as though your buying tires for the car. You’re investing hard earned cash for us to create a visual record that can be enjoyed for generations. We don’t nickel and dime you over image files, albums, time restrictions, or engagement portraits. That’s right, unlike many other firms, we provide two, professional, committed and passionate photographers all day long. You tell us when to start, when to finish and we’ll capture everything in between. It’s all included as a complete package for you – a DVD with files for you to print, a bound 13×11 album, an engagement session, an 8×10 framed print of your choice, and an online gallery.

We create an online gallery of your images for you to share with your family so they can order prints and you don’t have to turn into a photo lab for everyone. The prints are professionally printed and shipped right to their door. Another reason to consider us for your wedding is that you will be able to have your photographs within two weeks of the wedding. We understand how new couples want to share the images with family and friends that were not able to make it to the big day. We come from a deadline driven world, so we know how to be efficient with our professional work so that you can have those photos quickly. That’s why we also edit and tone a handful of images and email them to you the day after your wedding to share on your social media platforms. You can then update your profile photo on your Facebook page for everyone to see.

I know what you’re thinking, “Okay, all that sounds good, but what’s the price?” The starting price for our package is $3,750.00. Now again, that’s for the package of goods and two photographers for all day. There are other factors that may increase the cost some. Such as the location of your wedding – as we’re based in the Denver Metro Area – there may be travel expenses that would be additional. Other costs could be additional print or product services, such as save the date cards, an additional album or thank you cards using a photo from the wedding.

The main thing we emphasize is that once your day is over your photographs are one of the very few tangible items you will keep forever, besides your lovely spouse! We understand every couple has a budget and there are many ways to limit expenses for a wedding, but even if you don’t hire us, we just beg of you to not ask a relative or friend who has an expensive camera to document the day. We have had to try to save images from weddings like this and it makes for awkward feelings for everyone.

You may want to download our digital brochure here to put in your planning folder to help as you get everything in order.

That’s just about everything, other than we are a couple of easy going and easy to laugh with guys. Give us a call today! We are willing to help guide you through the process of determining the right photographer or photographers for your big day. We would not want you to be unhappy with the style of photography we create if it’s not your style. We want you to be happy, and if that means giving you the names of a couple other associates we know, we will. We also know some very good DJs, coordinators, florists and caterers.
So give us a shout.

Thanks again for stopping by and congratulations!! Please have a look at some of our weddings and our blog.