A wedding photographer’s off season work

March 19th, 2013

As you can imagine we’re getting into the swing of the upcoming wedding season. We’re planning for weddings currently on the calendar and enjoying consulting couples seeking wedding photographers for this summer. It was during a consultation a couple weeks ago that the couple asked: “What do you do in the off season?” Well, according to my personal Facebook page and twitter feed all I do is snowboard. In reality though I don’t think my wife, nor would my daughters, let that be the only thing I do. Oh how I wish.

So while I answered the question at the time I figured it might be beneficial to answer it for all of the world. Indeed I do a lot of snowboarding in the same Colorado mountains where we will undoubtedly be shooting weddings, but the rest of my time is spent making sure our business is on sound footing. While wedding work is seasonal, running a business is a year-round endeavor. Vendors expect to be paid all year and yes, so do we.

Fortunately for us we have a handful of consistent clients that keep us busy enough taking photographs as well as some video work. We manage to pack up the studio from time to time to capture executive portraits and photography for small, medium, and large companies’ marketing needs. We also worked on images for a campaign during election season and have photographed a few events. Aside from taking photos we are always networking in attempts for adding new clients and jobs. I’ve decided to post a few of those images just to show that our photo skills don’t get rusty between November and April.

The wedding side of our business is never too far off our mind, though. We’re always thinking of ways to streamline our operations and find better ways to satisfy our wedding clients for the next year. Our photo store is also open year-round and we’re finding past clients are getting around to have some fantastic prints made. Thank you to those people who’ve placed orders!

So in reality there’s a lot to do, however not so much that it’s just unbridled time.  Lucky for my family, because if there was “downtime” this entire post would be filled with nothing but images from my time on the slopes and vacationing.

-Josh Buck