Surprise proposal in Colorado Mountains

October 21st, 2011


I told Jason I would wear a Chicago Cubs baseball cap.

He said he’d wear a white sweater. That’s how we’d find one another.

Oh, and we would have cameras and pretend to be tourists photographing the mountains.

A few weeks back we received a call from Florida. Jason was inquiring how we could help him plan a surprise marriage proposal while he and his girlfriend Stormi visited Colorado.

Initially they were to stay in Beaver Creek, a magnificent spot to be engaged, but he wanted to find a mountain lake. Josh L. and I kicked around locations, looked at Google Earth, and narrowed down some spots near the Vail Valley. A lot of the great mountain lakes in Colorado require some hiking, and given neither Jason or Stormi have ever been to this altitude we suggested they not push hiking. Through Jason’s research he ultimately decided they would stay in Denver, giving them a more central location to start exploring our great state. That’s how we decided that Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park would provide a great backdrop for the surprise.

Just as Josh and I were to leave home Jason sent a text saying he was early. I suppose he was nervous, excited and didn’t want to be late. So we raced up to Estes Park, got to the lake and started gathering gear. The plan was for us to be there 30 minutes before, stake out a spot, leave her favorite yellow roses there and I would meet them in the parking lot, where Jason would inconspicuously follow me.

Remember Jason was early?

As we were closing the door to the truck, he was parking. Josh and I were running through tourists until we found our spot. Josh L. dumped the roses and I started running back to the lot. I spotted Jason on the trail and have him the nod to keep walking. When I got back to our spot some people were sitting on the bench and I must’ve had that ‘What in the hell are you doing in my spot?’ look on my face, because they whispered:”keep going.”

Around the bend was even better.

Jason wasted no time. He handed Stormi the roses, dropped to one knee and popped the question. I don’t know why, but in my mind this would take longer. Instead it took 10 second. I didn’t even hear her say yes, but apparently she did because they hugged and there was no slapping of his face. As for the “keep going” couple, they had to come check the ring out.

It was perfect. And now, they love Colorado so much they’re talking about having their wedding here!

Thank you, Jason for calling on us and congratulations to you both! We had a great time helping you out.

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-Josh Buck