Foto Friday – ‘Bama, Baptism, Birthday and Boil

September 9th, 2011


I was working on a post about one of our recent weddings when it dawned on me that I can take it a different direction — The four B’s direction.

‘Bama – Northern Alabama, where my wife’s brother and sister-in-law live.

Baptism – New nephew, Rocco Lucca, had the holy water experience.

Birthday – Neice, Rylan, celebrates her second birthday and obviously gets embarrassed when people sing to her.

Boil – Who doesn’t like beer, Old Bay seasoning, shrimp and the fixins?

I could add Beer as a “B” given the sight of the recycle bin Monday morning, but I won’t.

We’ve been really busy with weddings, portraits and such lately that I figured it might be a nice break to put something a bit more personal up this week.

Over Labor Day weekend the family and I headed down to Madison, Alabama to attend my newest nephew’s baptism. It turned out that we would also be there to help my niece celebrate her second birthday. My girls had a great time playing with the cousins and swimming all day in the in-law’s backyard pool. That is until the outdoor fun was ruined by the non-stop rain delivered by tropical storm Lee. Actually I welcomed the storms, which took the temperatures from 103-degrees down to a pleasant 65-degrees when we left.

We celebrated the baptism with a good ‘ol fashion Southern shrimp boil. Keep in mind my wife and I, along with her entire family, are all Yankee’s, so this was new to us. Sure, I’ve been to some boils before, but never helped put one together. When I say “help” I mean pour beer in the pots. One for me, one for the shrimps…and so on.

Most times while traveling I only take one camera and a 50 mm lens. Often times I wish I had more, but in actuality it’s all any photographer really needs to get by. Like I said, we’ve been busy lately and this trip gave me a few days for me to rest the brain and eyes (as well as my shoulders, which get tired lugging gear all day!)

I view these photos more as snapshots, really. When I just hang out and visit I don’t worry about composition and all the technical details of my work. I don’t think that’s bad, I mean it’s always good to relax even for a few days, right?

I wonder if accountants bring along an adding machine while on vacation?

Josh Buck